Current Projects

UTC Library Instruction Program Website / Professional Portfolio
A summer 2011 project as well as one of our departmental goals for the year. We’re using WordPress to create a visual, dynamic and interactive online presence that showcases our instruction program. We’ll use this to market ourselves to faculty who are not currently using the instruction program.

Lupton Library Collection Review
We’re currently undertaking the first ever review of our library’s circulating collections. The wiki page above describes the scope of the project, our guiding principles and also gives links to the actual collection spreadsheets by discipline.

Library Instruction Focus Groups, Summer 2010.
We conducted some focus groups to identify areas of improvement for our first year composition instruction program. We learned a lot from the faculty and developed an all new assignment as a result of the meetings we had.

Nightmare on Vine Street Video Game for First Year Experience
I can’t take much credit for this totally cool game; all I did was play a zombie and market it to our FYE instructors. Over the course of a summer, a whole bunch of really talented folks I work with from both Instruction and other departments in the library developed this game as a companion piece to our library iPod tour. Not to brag too much, but it did win this totally cool Innovation Award.

UTC Library Building Project
Yup, we are building a new library. This project has pretty much dominated our lives for the better part of 4 years. Ground has been broken and giant trucks and cranes are on site. Expected completion date: sometime in 2013?

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