So we won this award…

I work in a fantastic little library with a truly inspiring and interesting mix of people. Not only are my colleagues outrageously talented, our merry little band is fortunate to be led by a Dean who thinks progressively, fosters creativity and lets us strike out and try new ways of doing things. Over the course of last summer, a team of 8 people from different departments around our library got together and brainstormed an idea for a video game to test student’s knowledge of “library geography”, i.e. where things are located. One of our faculty members was actually taking a game design course, so she lent her programming chops to the actual game design process, which is NO small task I might add. The rest of us took on all sorts of supporting roles and in the end what came together was pretty special. I’ll let you read the award write-up below for the rest of the story, but suffice it to say that these people I work with are good, REALLY good.

ACRL President’s Program Innovation Award

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